It’s hard to believe our 2009 version of A View From the Edge (affectionately known as The View) is over.  My team and I work on the three day program for months in advance.  There are hundreds of man/woman hours that are poured into the intense preparation, and then the 72 hours of the show pass by in the blink of an eye.

I want to thank all the people who have showered us with texts, Facebook Wall Postings, MySpace Comments, messages on Twitter, emails, voice messages, etc.  We have never been so inundated with positive comments, and have never had such overwhelmingly glowing reviews.  It is very humbling, so on behalf of our whole team, I thank you for all of your kind and thoughtful comments.

We have posted a poll for the attendees to vote for their favorite characters for this year’s show at .  Over the initial 24 hours, we have quite a few different characters that are racking up lots of votes.  The top ones so far are; George Washington, the Hockey Player, the Mask, the Dancer, the Fireman, the Soldier at Arlington Memorial, the Matrix,  the Wizard/friends, and the Snow White/Freud crew.  We encourage all attendees to take the time to go to the site and cast a vote for your favorite.

We will be posting lots of pictures from the event on the website as well as the Marc Accetta Fan Book Page on Facebook and  as well.   We will also have the recap video up on YouTube by Wednesday.

We worked hard to create eight new characters this year.  Our goal is to keep adding new characters to keep the show fresh for first time attendees as well as those who re-attend every year.  I am never ceased to be amazed at the creativity and talents of my production team.  You all hit it out of the park again guys.  The fire effects were amazing.  Wait till you all see the pictures and the video footage.

I want to thank Mike Walker and David Todd and their fantastic team and all of their input for this year’s show.  It was a blessing to have you on site for the event.  I want to pass on or best wishes and prayers to Mike Walker for a speedy recovery from the injuries he sustained in the car accident he suffered late Saturday evening.  Mike is recovering nicely, but we want you all to keep him in your thoughts and prayers as well.

A special thanks to my main man, Monico Perez!  He is the hardest worker I know and he takes full responsibility to make sure that everything is perfect for each character so all I have to do is walk out on stage and do my thing.  This was also the 6th View for my amazing lighting director Mauri Decker, the 8th for my stage manager Frank Peebles, and the 12th for my stage director Richard Montez of CornerStone Ministries.  I must also acknowledge the efforts of my wife Kelly.  Not only did she do an outstanding job with all the costumes and makeup for all the characters, she hit a grand slam with her dance performance and her Dreamstrealer character. She upstaged me….and I loved it!

On Saturday evening, Dave Watson recalled his auctioneer skills and we raised over $100,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Kelly and I chair the Collin county board for BBBS and each year WorldVentures welcomes our CEO, Charles Pierson to come and talk to the group about BBBS.  This was our largest fund raiser ever!  WorldVentures also presented BBBS with a Dreamtrip to one of the most exclusive resorts in the world (worth about $10,000 with a/f) to BBBS to auction off at their Annual Black Tie and Boots Ball on November 14th in Dallas.

To top it all off, Charles announced that WV CEO, Mike Azcue had been matched with his own Little Brother and Wayne Nugent (the other co-founder) put in his application for a little brother right on the spot!

I love doing The View. I love the crowd….I love the people who participate with me in the characters….I love the team that makes me look so good….Mostly, I love the effect it has on people.  Our catch phrase for The View is that, “Life will never be the same.”  It is so gratifying to see that come to fruition each year.

I had an incredible moment at the end of The Hockey Player character Saturday night.  As the music blared, I laid down on the concrete steps of the arena to catch my breath.  As I did, I had a perfect view of one of our screens and watched as the camera was panning around the entire crowd.  I could hardly believe the looks of joy and fulfillment on every face I saw.  It was a very special moment for me.  All the hard work and preparation is well worth it if we are impacting lives in that way.

All I can say is that my team and I can’t wait to see you all again at the 2010 View.  Seating will open up at the April International Convention.  I pledge that we will take it to another level again, as we all enjoy the amazing life that is WorldVentures!


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