As I sit here to write this, I am in my room at The Pierre hotel overlooking Central Park in NYC.  This is a beautiful (expensive) property, but its value is more sentimental to me than anything else.  This is the first hotel that I ever spent the night in with my amazing wife Kelly.  That was almost two decades ago when the hotel was a Four Seasons (now a Taj hotel).  We have returned here to celebrate our 20-year Anniversary.The evening we spent here all those years ago was magical.  I took her to Sardi’s for a pre-theater cocktail…. then we had 3rd row seats for Phantom of the Opera (when it was the hottest show on Broadway)….Then we took a limo to Tavern on the Green for a romantic dinner….and topped it off with a horse and carriage ride through the park back to the hotel as we sipped on some Dom Perignon!

I knew I had one shot at this hot young lady, and I made that shot count!  So much has happened since then and being here is bringing back all kinds of memories.  Prior to being with Kelly, the longest relationship I had ever had was about 5 years.  At one point in my life, I never envisioned that I would find someone that I would want to spend several decades with.  It is truly amazing how time flies when you are having fun.

We have done soooooooooooo much together.  We have traveled all over the country non-stop for business and pleasure.  We have also done quite a bit of international travel over the last 5 years.  We have eaten in some of the world’s best restaurants…. we have seen dozens of Broadway plays…. We’ve been to a bunch of great sporting events……We have had the amazing pleasure of seeing our precious daughters grow up and blossom into little ladies….We have had numerous romantic getaways….It has been a blast!

Marc Accetta and Kelly Accetta in Rome with family

I know that they say all relationships/marriages are work.  Kelly and I have definitely had our moments, but in general it has been effortless!  It really has.  We have so much in common and truly enjoy each other’s company.  We have not only been together 20 years…we have worked together 20 years as well.  That is another thing that people say is a difficult feet to achieve, but it has been a joy for us.

If there was any hard work involved, it was by her in the early years of our relationship when I was quite a bit less mature and aware than I am now.  Heck, I was only in my early to mid 30’s…. Most men don’t hit emotional maturity until our mid-forties. (LOL)  I was definitely a handful in the beginning, but she was very patient, and I would like to think that it has been worth her patience.

Since those early years, we have been totally in sync.  She has truly been the wind beneath my wings, and I would like to think I have returned the favor for her.  She is definitely my biggest fan, as I am hers.

A few years ago, she took on the challenge of welcoming my mom, dad, and special needs adult brother into our home.  She has taken over as their primary care giver as well as being a spectacular mother to our daughters, and the CFO for our companies.  She is my hero!

It is so sad that people are virtually amazed when we tell them we are celebrating 20 years together.  I guess in this day and age, it really is unusual for people to be together that long.  If there were any advice I could offer to people on their way to breaking the 20-year barrier, it would be this:

  • Find someone who is your best friend over someone who you think is hot (although I got to do both)
  • Don’t spend all your time with your children.  Have some romantic dates and exotic getaways to keep you romance alive.
  • Find someone who you can laugh with….over the funny things, and more importantly, over the tough things that will arise.
  • Don’t take your partner for granted.
  • And…….most importantly……have lots of great sex!

I have to go now as we are off to Per Se’ for what promises to be an unforgettable Anniversary dinner.  I look forward to the opportunity to have another amazing 20 years with my sweetheart, and writing a follow up blog about it from the Pierre.

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