Time will tell what the fall out of the 2010 Season of Free Agency in the NBA will be.  Will Lebron create a dynasty with Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh?  Will Pat Riley end up with more championships than either Red Auerbach or Phil Jackson?

Will Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert’s prediction that his team will win a championship before his former superstar wins on come to fruition?  Will anyone ever think of Lebron again in the same way that they think of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

As I said, it will be very interesting to see how all of this unfolds in the next 5-10 years.  One thing is for sure.  The last few weeks’ dog and pony show has been one of the most annoying sideshows in the history of sport.  I am a passionate sports fan, as many of you know by now and I am a huge Knicks fan (one of the main teams in the whole circus), but by last night when Lebron announced his decision I had honestly gotten to the point where I didn’t even care any more.

Part of me thinks that in the era of players making staggering incomes far beyond what they really deserve, that it is refreshing to see players take LESS money so they can win multiple championships together.  On the other hand I have to be honest and admit that the Miami Heat are now the exact same as the NY Yankees in my book; they are buying an all-star team that SHOULD win the championship every year.  Because of that I believe that I will be rooting against the Miami Heat in every game they play for the next 10 years!

What about poor Cleveland?  This is a crushing blow to the entire city, the owner of the Cavs, the players and the fans.  It will probably affect the overall economy of the city to the degree that it will affect just about everyone.  I feel bad for all of them, but I honestly cannot tag Lebron as a villain for leaving them.  His owners knew what they had to do to keep him…. surround him with enough talent to win championships.  The real bottom line is that they did not do that.  I think Gilbert could have made it a no-brainer for him to stay if Lebron honestly felt he could stay in his hometown and create a dynasty.

I think that was honestly his number one desire. The problem was that Lebron lost out on the game of convincing Chris Bosh to play in Cleveland.  I sincerely believe that if he could have sold Bosh on that he would still be a Cavalier.  But D wade and Pat Riley proved to be much better salesmen that Mr. James.

Once Bosh decided to go to Miami, it appears that Lebron did not have the guts to go somewhere/stay somewhere without him.  That is what blows me out.  You would thing that Bosh was the “King.” You would think that he would do what Lebron told him to do, but it was clearly the other way around.  Once Bosh committed to Miami….The real game began.

Did Lebron stay home, like MJ did and lead his team to victory?  Did he go in to be the savior of one of the NBA’s most storied franchises and join Amare Stoudamire in NYC?  Should he be the literal second coming in the second city and join the Bulls?

All of those would have been better choices to me.  I really think Lebron is one of the greatest ever!  It seems obvious that he does not.  I cannot imagine Michael Jordan EVER doing what he just did! I think the Gods honest truth is that Lebron lacks the confidence of a Michael Jordan, or a Kobe Bryant, or a Larry Bird…..or apparently a Chris Bosh!

What’s done is done, but I am deeply saddened.  I think a tweet I saw shortly after he made his decision said it best.  “Lebron went from being considered in the same breath with Michael Jordan to being mentioned in the same breath with Scottie Pippen.” No disrespect to one of the greatest players in NBA history, but Pippen was not…THE MAN in Chicago.  He actually proved that in the two years MJ played baseball.

Pippen was a great SIDE KICK….and now….so is Lebron!


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