I still remember how stunned I was when I heard that LeBron was “taking his talents “ to South Beach!


I was genuinely shocked.  Like many people, I viewed LeBron as a man among boys, and the best player in the game today (or a very second close 2nd to Kobe).  Why would he decide to give up the opportunity to be like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe, etc, and be “the man” for a franchise that becomes an NBA championship dynasty?

At first I was disgusted.  I wanted to believe that LeBron was not only an amazing athlete, but also a winner like the men I just mentioned.  Instead he chose to team up with two other all world All Stars?  Therefore, I have spent this season like many fans around the USA rooting for anyone who was playing against The Miami Heat!

It was like The Heat was becoming The Yankees right in front of our faces.  Let’s not bother building a championship team….let’s just buy one!  That truly made me angry and disappointed.

But after watching the last 3 games of the NBA Finals, I have changed that emotion dramatically.  Now, I am not disgusted at LeBron, I feel sorry for him.  Now I see what he obviously knew all along….That he did not have the gumption to lead a franchise to the promised land by himself.  You and I may see that he is a man among boys, but clearly he does not!

It was soooooooo obvious watching these last few games.  Where would he have been without D Wade?  Wade was definitely the one who stepped up and took control the way “The King” should have.

I have to say that it could not have been better to have a great guy like Dirk be the one who beat the Heatles (Their self-imposed nick name inferring they are the modern-day Beatles)  Dirk is the anti-LeBron.

When he could have left Dallas for Free Agency, Dirk stayed with his team, even though they were far from a favorite to win anything (as a matter of fact , all the ESPN experts predicted they would lose to Portland in the first round of the playoffs)  He did not take the path of least resistance like LeBron did!  He manned up and willed his team of overachievers to the championship!  Now that is a great story.  That is how legends are created!

So now what is LeBron thinking?  Couldn’t he have gotten to the Finals (and lost) with the Cav’s?  He is facing the longest off-season an NBA player has ever faced.  He has to view the season as a huge disappointment.  He will have to answer questions about falling short everywhere he goes.

He has really created a horrible situation.  If they won….they were suppose to because they are the bullies that stacked their team unfairly, and if they lose…..It’s a disaster!

So, as I said, this was a perfect ending for this NBA season.  Dirk is the hero!  LeBron and his buddies are failures and 99% of all the fans who rooted against them all year are ecstatic!

I have to admit that I actually feel bad for LeBron now that it’s over.  I don’t mean to demean him at all.  As I said in the opening of this post, to me, talent wise, he is a man among boys.  I think he is a class act, on and off the court.  But, he made “the decision” to go for safety in numbers and destroyed any chance he will ever have of being mentioned in the same breath with MJ and Bill Russell.  It really is kind of sad, but we all need to live with the choices we make.

I can’t wait to see how The Heatles respond next year!

Congrats to Dirk and J Kidd and the rest of the Mavs!


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