While our latest trip to Zimbabwe we came across a very happy gentleman named, Mister Moyo, that on a daily basis practices what I’ve been teaching for years now! Anytime that my sidekick, Monico or I would come up and ask him about prices for some of the luxurious and exotic items he had for sale and we’d try to negotiate or have him cut us a deal. Without missing a beat he would bust out laughing right in front of our faces and say I cannot do that and continue to laugh.
Now typically you would be saying but Marc couldn’t you use some sort of Samurai/Jedi type Negotiating Technique that would just immediately break this guy down to give you a deal! NAH…not with this guy! He was in such a great mood and he had such a genuine laugh that you couldn’t do anything but help to almost laugh with him and agree and pay him what he was asking for.
While in the store we watched as person after person tried to negotiate and every single time he would bust out laughing in a persons face and say, “No my friend I cannot do that!” And person after person agreed with him and PAID THE FULL AMOUNT! So we figured you wouldn’t believe us if we told you…so MEET MISTER MOYO!

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