A View from MY edge

As I sat suspended at what seems like 1000 ft in the air, above the arena packed with over 9000 people, it dawned on me how blessed I am!  10175080_10152807552642767_7156692599000383154_n

I have so many people who entrust me with their businesses and even their lives.  I sat up there and said a prayer for the words that each one of them would need to hear would come out of my mouth so that they can have the breakthrough they came to Atlanta for.

Sherlock2The next 72 hours went by in the blink of an eye for me.  My remarkable team and I ripped through 20 presentations taught through theatric means.  While it is happening, it’s so hectic, because we are all moving at 100 mph getting ready for what is next in the schedule…that we have virtually no time to take in what is happening around us…..and then before you know it, the team is tearing down and everyone is in their ways back home.

I hope you all had the time of your life.  The incredible response you have me at the end is more appreciated than you will ever know.  It’s an honor to lead WorldVentures reps all over the world, and there is no doubt that once each View concludes that one thing is for sure….my life will never be the same!




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