I have been very involved as a success coach and public speaker for nearly 20 years.  I have an amazing wife of 15 years named Kelly and we have two adorable little girls ages 8 and 12.  We own and operate MarcAccettaSeminars and Leading Edge Seminars.  I also serve as the Director of Training for WorldVentures International.

My family in Beautiful Italy

We have a little 10 year old brother name William, through Big Brother Big Sister and are strong advocates of their program.  We are on the North Texas Board of Directors for BBBS,  We have a strong desire to help raise awareness for kids going through adolescence which lead us to starting our Unstoppable Foundation.  We are heavily into “Paying It Forward” by teaching people critical things that are not taught in school.

Marc is currently the Founder of MarcAccettaSeminars and the Director of Training for the explosive internet based Travel Company of WorldVentures. Marc addresses live audiences every month where he impacts tens of thousands of lives every year. Marc also produces a wide variety of CD’s and DVD’s and is working on the completion of his next book.

Marc was initially a student of all he now teaches. Marc says, “I did not grow up with a high level of self confidence or self esteem.” He attended dozens of live seminars over the last 30 years, has read hundreds of books, and has studied many highly successful people. “I had a burning desire to improve in any way I could, in all areas of my life.” Marc took the information and put it into action. That action started to yield results. As the results started to mount up, his self esteem and self confidence increased with them. Ultimately, Marc developed a passion for teaching everything that he had learned over the years. “I realized that achieving success in my own life was not enough for me.” Marc derives his greatest joy from teaching what his life studies have taught him to others.

Marc shares his passions with many people through his live seminars and coaching programs, but he also speaks at schools and youth organizations whenever his schedule allows for it. He and his wife Kelly became active members of Big Brother Big Sister in 2004. There experience with their little brother William inspired them to become even more involved with the organization. They inspired many others to become Big Brothers and Sisters and ultimately were asked to head up the local Board of Directors for BBBS.

The success they have enjoyed with BBBS has inspired them to found their Unstoppable Foundation which will teach many of the life skills he shares with business people with middle school aged children. Marc and Kelly feel very fortunate that they have found the keys to success for their own lives and will undoubtedly spend the rest of their life teaching them to others.

To learn more about Marc and his trainings please visit www.MarcAccetta.com

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