Perfect Ending for The King!

I still remember how stunned I was when I heard that LeBron was “taking his talents “ to South Beach! Really? I was genuinely shocked.  Like many people, I viewed LeBron as a man among boys, and the best player in the game today (or a very second close 2nd to Kobe).  Why would he … Continue reading Perfect Ending for The King!

Pippen was a great SIDE KICK….and now….so is Lebron!

Time will tell what the fall out of the 2010 Season of Free Agency in the NBA will be.  Will Lebron create a dynasty with Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh?  Will Pat Riley end up with more championships than either Red Auerbach or Phil Jackson? Will Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert’s prediction that his team will … Continue reading Pippen was a great SIDE KICK….and now….so is Lebron!

Class Act

Being a bit of a sports fanatic – just a little - I remember the circumstances that brought Kurt Warner’s unlikely rise of stardom a reality. Trent Green was playing spectacular football for the Rams that pre-season.   He had them looking the best they had looked in years.  In the final pre-season game of that … Continue reading Class Act